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Working From Home - Midrange Setup

Want to work from home effectively, but stunned at the price of webcams and monitors? This is a common thread among many starting to buy home office gear. In this WFH setup, we'll be trying to cut down on costs as much as possible while still giving you the gear you need to be professional.

Webcam - $45

We'll be going with a CTSTARS 1080p webcam for this one. Never heard of CTSTARS? Well, we hadn't either, but to cut down costs we needed to buy from a non-name brand. This webcam attaches in a similar way to Logitech webcams, and records in 1080p at 30fps. The affordable cost is probably what has made it the most purchased webcam on Amazon, surprisingly topping the Logitech C920.

Microphone - $30

The Fifine K669 is the best budget option we could find for microphone. It has a tripod stand that allows for easy positioning, and a handy volume knob to adjust how loudly you're heard, or to mute yourself. The K669 also connects easily to any computer via USB 3.0. It's an all-around solid option that will pick up your audio clearly. If you want premium audio quality, however, you might want to consider the microphone from our ultimate setup. Overall, though, an adequate microphone that will suit the needs of most.

Headset - $28

For the headset we've chosen the LetsCom OverEar Wireless headphones. These have a 45 hour battery life and are rechargeable through USB-C. Additionally, these headphones have a decent microphone built in as well. They are of high build quality, with the earcups having a metal exterior, and are comfortable as well with soft earpads and headband.

Monitor - $85

We're going with a slick 22" monitor from Sceptre. It has 1080p, HDMI and VGA connection, 75hz, and a modern, thin design. It is a basic but nice monitor that will suit all of your needs, unless you covet two screens. If that is the case, you could buy the 34" monitor from our ultimate setup or just buy two of these.

Keyboard - $35

In your home office setup, you require a keyboard that feels amazing to type on, but doesn't take up too much of your desk space and doesn't bother your roommates. You need the Velocifire TKL02, a keyboard that utilizes Outemu Brown switches for amazing feel while remaining fairly silent. This keyboard does not have any extra frills such as multimedia keys and a numpad, so it will keep your desk space looking clean. If you want your space to look even cleaner, you can get the black wireless version as well.


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