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The Idea

TechAdvantage PC Building is a service that we made for helping people design their PCs. The service includes 2 different types, a base model, and a deluxe model, both with reasonable pricing.  More details are listed below.

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Shipping & Contact

The PCs are shipped using whichever service (UPS, USPS, FedEx) has the lowest fees, so you don't have to pay as much for shipping. If you are interested in using this service, please email us at


We use the build list provided by the customer, or make one that we think would fit their needs. We always let the customer check any revisions or new build lists we make before we buy them.


After using the build list that the customer approved, we purchase our products, and get them shipped as soon as possible.


We assemble PCs with care, making sure that nothing is damaged. If a part is damaged when it gets to our facility, we will send it back to the seller and re-order, with no charge to you. We make sure we assemble everything nice and clean.

PC building

Base Model

TechAdvantage PC Building is a very well priced service. The only thing you have to pay for the base model is the price of the components, plus 3% for commission, and the cost of shipping. A simple Tech Advantage logo is included on every PC.

PC Building


For only a 6% commission instead of 3 (with the price of parts, and shipping), you will get full consultation services, a build list depending on your preferences, and a stencil of your choice (words or simple logos) on a non-glass panel of your choosing. 

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