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We are tech enthusiasts who started this blog to share our knowledge with anyone interested in gaming, hardware, and software. We try our best to write end-to-end articles that are helpful to you. If you ever have an idea for us, please email us, or contact us on our discord! Thanks, and have a good day.

Important Note:

Many links on Tech Advantage Blog are Amazon Associate links. This means that if you buy the product from that link, we will get a small percentage of the revenue. This will be at no cost to you. 

yang gang 2020.jpg

Andrew (writer, graphic designer, sales)

I spend too much time looking at general tech and gaming peripherals. When I write a post, I try to squeeze in a lot of detail.


TheGamerBros (part-time writer, graphic designer, marketing)

I am a passionate video maker and I love PCs. I completed my first PC build when I was 13. Some things I hate are Skeppy skins in Minecraft, TKL keyboards, and $35 graphics cards. I have a lot of PC knowledge that I hope will be useful to you.


William (guest writer)

I have a cult-like devotion to Apple. I love all of their high-quality products, and I would love them even if they weren't high-quality. Some things I hate are Windows, yellow buses, yellow houses, the color yellow in general, and Samsung OS.


Sun Tzu (guest writer)

Hello everyone. I use a 2015 MacBonk to play video games. Some of these include Minecraft, Guild Wars 2, etc. I also run another blog called from Wordpress, so I already have a little experience writing posts. I also have a lot of tech knowledge that I hope will be useful to you.

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Max (guest writer, resident hacker)

I am a stock trader, crypto miner, and coder. I have been coding since I was nine, and trading stocks since I was ten. I understand what it is like to be someone just starting out, and I empathize with the fact that the most challenging part about learning to code isn't learning the actual coding, it's about learning how to learn coding. I mostly specialize in python. 

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