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The SehOnky Edition™ PC Build

Continuing with our Youtuber PC build series, we will be interviewing seh0nky, a friend of mine, with 44 subscribers. He makes Minecraft videos on Hypixel, the most popular of which are trap montages. Today, we are going to look at his PC build. He needed a good value PC build that would still perform well.

CPU - $120

Seh0nky got the Ryzen 5 series 1600 6 core processor. "I got this processor because I wanted to have a powerful 6 core processor while still staying under my budget. It also comes with a decent Wraith Cooler!" It has a base clock of 3.2 GHz, and a boost clock of 3.6 GHz.

GPU - $120

For his GPU, Seh0nky got the NVIDIA GTX 1070. He chose this graphics card because it is quite powerful but still under budget. This card is comparable to the new Radeon RX 5500 but much cheaper, as it is an older card. It comes with 8gb of GDDR5 RAM to run games and video editing at smooth speeds.

Motherboard - $75

For his motherboard, Seh0nky got the Gigabyte B450 DS3H Wifi. He said, "This was another good value option. It cost $75 and came with 4 DIMM slots, the necessary AM4 Socket, and everything else I need, including built-in wifi 5," Unfortunately, this motherboard is only compatible with 1st and 2nd generation Ryzen processors, so Seh0nky will need to update BIOS if he ever gets a new processor. When asked about this, he explained, "yeah, motherboards compatible with 3rd gen processors and have built-in wifi are a good deal more expensive, so that's why I got an older motherboard. The one thing that's not great about this motherboard is how little fan headers there are - I had to get a fan header splitter."

RAM - $80

Seh0nky chose to get 1 stick of 16 gigabytes of RAM. "I got this ram because my motherboard has 4 slots, so in theory, I could upgrade to 64 gigabytes later on. I know that single-channel RAM isn't super great, but computers move so fast, I figure I'll end up getting another stick soon anyway," The specific type of RAM seh0nky got was Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000mhz.

Case - $45

"I was trying to save money on this build, and that led me to choose the Zalman S3 case. It's a great option because it's $45, has decent airflow, and comes with 3 fans pre-installed!" This case is a basic mid-tower that gets the job done and is a great value buy. Seh0nky added, "This case also goes nicely with my dark theme!"

Storage - $100

"I actually went with a similar setup to TheGamerBros. I wanted some SSD for my important files and applications, and for the rest, I got a 1.5TB hard drive," The 512gb of SSD is from Silicon Power, and the 1.5tb hard drive is from Western Digital. This is a good strategy for getting tons of storage for cheap, while still quickly running your important programs.

Power Supply - $70

Seh0nky selected a Corsair VS650 for his PSU. "It's not modular, but with some good cable managing you can hide away most of the unnecessary stuff," Seh0nky said. The fact that it's 650 watts and from a great brand means this power supply will last him for a long time. "Yeah, the power supply is kind of the one component you really can't skimp on. If it's bad quality, it might catch fire or burn out other components!"

In summary, the Seh0nky build is a great baseline build for anyone who is wanting to build a PC on a budget but still get good value.


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