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Why, Just Why... Steelseries QcK 5 foot mousepad

Have you ever looked at your XXL 3 foot long mousepad and thought, "what I need right now... is a five foot mousepad." Well if that's the case for you, Steelseries has your back with their new line of XXXL, XXXXL, and even XXXXXL mousepads. These are designed for "full desk coverage", although they might have gone a little overboard. The XXXXXL size (5XL) is 1600mm long, or 62 inches, and 800mm tall, or 31 inches.

From this photo you can see not only how wide, but how deep the mousepad is. It's overkill for most people - for example my desk is 4ft by 1.5ft. Another way the mousepad is overkill is that it is $100. However, the whole thing is made of the famous QcK material. Steelseries' QcK mousepads are famous for not only being an amazing "control" mousepad, but being durable and machine washable.

It's not like these mousepads will be very useful for most people, but I wanted to let you know of this interesting product. It could also be used for a workmat if you have a big project, although it is quite expensive.

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