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What Peripherals Do Seh0nky and TheGamerBros use?

The question that you would probably us rather ask is, "what peripherals do youtubers such as Turner Tenny ("Tfue") or Tyler Blevins ("Ninja") use?". But 1. you can just look that up, and 2. the peripherals they use are probably out of your price range, like the $500 Air58 Ninja mouse Tfue uses. Instead, we're going to be interviewing 2 amateur YouTubers we got a hold of to see what kind of peripherals they use in their setups. The first is a YouTuber we sponsor, who calls himself "seh0nky" (with a zero). The second is another amateur who's channel is named "TheGamerBros". Both channels are linked on our homepage.

Links to these YouTubers' peripherals at the bottom! Warning: many prices are higher right now due to COVID-19.


Seh0nky: "I use a G900 Chaos Spectrum. I really value the fact that it's wireless because I have a smaller setup space and I hate seeing all the wires under the table. Additionally, Logitech's wireless connections are actually faster than the alternative wired mice I was also considering, so that isn't a problem. I also love the scrollwheel/flywheel mode switcher, I didn't expect to use it as much as I have. Overall, the G900 is just a super solid wireless mouse. Oh and by the way, the grip is great too!"

TheGamerBros: "I really like my Corsair Glaive RGB. It has 50 million click switches and the grips are extremely comfortable. When I'm just using the mouse for fun, I don't have the thumb rest as it is rather bulky, but when I need to click fast I use the thumb rest to prevent friction. The shape is also great, so my hand never hurts after playing anymore."


Seh0nky: "The Redragon Kumara RGB is my keyboard because it offers blue switches, which are great for typing and gaming. I was deciding in between blue and brown switches, but ultimately chose blue because of the satisfying noise. My next keyboard will probably have brown switches though as to not disrupt my family. The RGB on the Kumara is beautiful; it has six different modes. I like the color cycling one the best! One of the biggest factors, though, is that it's a TKL keyboard, so it doesn't take up too much space on my desk. Lastly, it was in my price range at $35 so it was an all-around solid choice."

TheGamerBros: "I picked the Corsair K68 RGB as my keyboard. It has MX Reds, which I'm fine with typing on and are extraordinarily responsive for gaming. It's also waterproof and has lots of nice features, like the detachable wrist rest and multimedia keys. And of course, there is lots of RGB because RGB is always necessary."


Seh0nky: "I use the UtechSmart Extended RGB Mousepad. It looks awesome, is super plush, and is massive! I used to get annoyed because my mousepad was so small, the mouse would slip off. Not anymore!

TheGamerBros: "I have that mousepad too, and like it for the same reasons as seh0nky. He's actually the one who recommended it to me!


Seh0nky: "For my headset I have the NUBWO U3 headset. It's basically the cheapest headset I could find that had a microphone. I'm definitely not an audio connoisseur, so that's why I picked such a crappy headset and microphone. I have no dedicated recording microphone. In terms of speakers, I have the Logitech Z200 speakers. They're pretty cheap speakers as well, just so that my PC can make external sound. Despite being $20, they have decent sound quality and some nice touches, such as a volume knob and tone dial."

TheGamerBros: "I have a Corsair Void Pro RGB headset (wired version). It has great surround sound audio and also a super good mic. For my microphone, I have a Fifine K668. It picks up my voice well and is quite sensitive, depending on the settings. It's also wonderfully easy to use, pretty much just plug and play. And for my speakers, I have the Razer Nommo set. These speakers also deliver incredible surround sound for all my gaming needs. The audio is always very crisp and clear!"



(for the speakers, link is to the white version, select black color for much lower price)

TOTAL: $165


Razer Nommo (not currently available on Amazon)

TOTAL: $380

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