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The Spicy Gamer Setup - Guide

So, you're really getting into gaming. You might have picked up some followers streaming, or maybe you are ranking up really fast. As you reach a higher plane of gaming, you'll need the high-level gear to support you, and here's where the spicy gamer setup comes in. High quality parts, zooming graphics cards, and a wireless charging mousepad are in store for this setup. Enjoy!


Even the nicest laptops (Razer Blade 4K, anyone?) are totally out of the question now. You need a powerful PC that can hold up to anything you can throw at it, and that's why I recommend the Skytech Omega. Equipped with an absolutely busted RTX 2080, this monster will run any game at 75fps+ on 1440p. The Omega also uses an 8-core i7 9700K, 4 120mm RGB fans, and 700 watt power supply. You're also going to get 500gb of SSD for all your games and digital libraries. If you're going to make a custom build or buy a different PC, look for 8 cores, at least an RTX 2070, 650 watt power supply, and an i7+ or Ryzen 7+ processor.


First of all, if you're a serious streamer, or if you're just cool, I recommend getting two monitors so you can control multiple windows at once. For streaming, this is extremely helpful because on one side you can play the game and on the other side you can manage stream effects and comments. Also, unless you value extremely high FPS counts, I would go 1440p. For expensive gaming rigs, 1440p is a sweet spot where you're going to get nice FPS counts and great pixel density. However, I would consider getting a 4k monitor so you can use 4k for video editing, then switch the pixel count to 1440p when gaming. Additionally, you should have a 144hz monitor, 75hz if you're feeling stingy. A monitor that checks all the boxes is the ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD. It has 1440p resolution, 144hz, it's 27", and also comes with a blue light blocker for long sessions. This is a great feature that will lessen dry eyes or eye pains after gaming. The Philips 276E8VJSB is a nice 27" 4k monitor if that's what you're after.

Razer's optical switch is the latest in keyboard technology


We can go all out in terms of peripherals. I'm sticking with a Logitech G Pro Wireless. It's an ultralight 80 grams, has the super-accurate Hero 16K sensor, has 50 million click durability switches, and uses Logitech G's LIGHTSPEED wireless technology to almost eliminate latency times. It's also the most commonly used mouse in eSports, so it must have something going for it. For my keyboard I would use the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition TKL. The numpad and multimedia controls are not used very often, and the TKL look really brings a lot more space onto your desk. The Huntsman Tournament Edition also uses premium optical keyswitches that allow for very fast actuations (for more info on optical switches read our article). For mousepad, since you have the G Pro Wireless, get Logitech's Powerplay Mousepad. It has full wireless charging capabilities so your setup is always ready to go whenever you need it. We can't forget the headset; audibly knowing where your enemies are is key to success. I chose the Steelseries Arctis 7. This wireless headset has a 24 hour battery, surround sound, and a retractable noise-cancelling mic. Also, something extra: an EasyAcc USB hub/headphone stand with 4 extra USB 3.0 ports and wireless phone charging.

Spicy Gamer Setup Example:

Computer - $1600: Skytech Omega

Monitor - $300: ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD

Second Monitor (optional) - $300: ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD

Mousepad - $115: Logitech Powerplay

Headset - $115: Steelseries Arctis 7

Headset stand - $40: EasyAcc USB hub/headphone stand

Total: $2745


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