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The Best Desk Gadget?

After tireless research, we may have come upon the ultimate desk gadget: the EasyAcc Headphone stand with powered USB Hub and Qi Charger. It's a big title, because there is a big range of things it is useful for.

Coming in at a palatable $40, this headphone stand packs so much functionality into a small, good-looking gadget. If you have a newer iPhone, smartphone, AirPods, or any other wireless charging device, they are all compatible with this stand. In theory, you could even charge some qi-enabled mice on top of the stand. Additionally, it seems you are always close to running out of USB 3.0 ports on your PC, but that problem is also solved by this stand. It has a powered 4-port USB hub that can hold any peripherals such as your mouse and keyboard in a convenient position. This also allows you to plug chargers into the USB ports and charge your mobile devices.

So, if you're looking for a multipurpose desk gadget, look no further than the EasyAcc headphone stand. It's a good twenty dollars cheaper than the ridiculous headphone stands Razer and Corsair hawk and adds so extra functionality.

Buy it here!


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