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Best Value Ultralight Mouse? G-Wolves Skoll Review

In my never-ending quest to find the best gaming mice, I stumble upon some incredibly good options. And today, I can confidently say that I have found one of the best value ultralight mice: the G-Wolves Skoll. Contrary to the look of the mouse, this is not wireless; mouse technology is good, but not good enough for wireless ultralight mice! However, this mouse is feather-light at 66 grams and has a host of other enticing features, including a price of just $55. Enjoy!

A main feature of this mouse is the honeycomb design. Although this type of design does make the mouse much more prone to liquid-related accidents, it has many benefits. For one, it cuts a good deal of weight, allowing the mouse to be just 66 grams. Furthermore, it makes the mouse wonderfully breathable. I know for myself that it is somewhat irritating to have your palms be hot or sweaty, and that this is a common phenomenon in long work or play sessions. It's a definite relief to feel your hand inundated in cool air when you need it the most.

Secondly, the ergonomics. This mouse is beautifully shaped. Like the Razer Deathadder, it hugs your palm snugly and is great for a palm grip. Don't worry though, claw users, as a claw grip is also quite comfortable. The right side of the mouse is sloped outwards slightly, as opposed to inwards on an ambidextrous mouse, supporting your pinky and ring finger beautifully.

The creators of this mouse were also very generous with accessories; the mouse came in a box, then a tin with some cartoon-y artwork, then a plastic structure. The mouse also comes with an extra set of mouse feet, some additional middle mouse feet you can add if you want, and an extra braided mouse cord. Although the cord is not easily detachable through a USB connection, you can take off the top of the mouse and replace it there.

The Beautiful Sakura Rendition of the Skoll

This mouse is definitely a looker as well. With graphite honeycomb sides, a gradient top, and a tasteful strip of RGB on the bottom of the mouse that provides it with a graceful underglow. If you want this mouse to look even cooler, you can pay an extra $15-$40 to get an awesome design such as Sakura (price depends on the color). The special edition versions of the Skoll have different colored sides, buttons, gradient top, scroll wheel, and even cable.

Two underrated features of the mouse are its paracord and feet, and the G-Wolves Skoll delivers on both of those. Equipped with nice teflon feet, as well as free replacements, this mouse glides very well, and many other tech reviewers have also said that they chose not to replace the Skoll's feet with higher-quality third-party feet. As for the paracord, the weave is nice and light, and looks amazing.

Although our model didn't have this issue, one of the most common complaints was side flex. Side flex is an issue especially prevalent with honeycomb-style mice. Basically, when you press too hard on the side of the mouse under the thumb buttons, it will flex inwards and in most cases actually clicks the back thumb button. While you can actually still play effectively with this issue, it's usually a build quality red flag. However, this issue did not come up in our model and also can be fixed fairly painlessly by taking the top shell off the mouse and then adding some tape in the right spots.

Overall, the G-Wolves Skoll is one of the best mice we could find on the market, especially for an ultralight, and considering the price. It has just about everything you could want in a mouse; low weight, excellent sensor, comfortable grip, great looks, and even some thoughtful accessories such as an extra paracord and mouse feet. So, if you are looking for a great ultralight mouse that won't break the bank, you should consider the G-Wolves Skoll.


Connection: Wired, braided paracord

Battery Life: N/A

Buttons: 5

Shape: RH Ergonomic

OS Compatibility: Windows, most versions

Weight: 66 grams

Price: $55

DPI: 200-12000

RGB: Continuous line

Sensor: PMW3366 Optical

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