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Speakers That Can Form a Soundbar?

When I was searching around for speakers for my setup, I wasn't looking for the nicest $200 Bose ones. I was looking for a great value option that was cheap, functional, and maybe had some backlighting. And that's when I stumbled upon the Redragon Orpheus GS550. This set of speakers has some very awesome tricks up its sleeve, which you are about to witness.

I am not an "audiophile", but the sound is great. Everything that I play through these speakers sounds crisp, and the bass is decent, especially for $28 speakers. They are stereo speakers as well, so you have a bit of a surround sound effect, although it is definitely not true surround sound. However, they are very functional and that's all I ask for.

You just plug these speakers into your computer via USB, and the enticing red backlight turns on immediately. Especially in a darker environment, these speakers really add a lot to your setup visually. Their red lights are like beacons piercing through the dark. The volume knob is also conveniently backlit to help you find it. Unfortunately, you cannot turn the red backlight off without also switching off the sound. If the red light is an unacceptable contradiction to the aesthetic of your setup, you might want to look elsewhere.

In terms of interface, the volume knob is more than adequate. It feels smooth and there is really nothing bad I could say about it. One of the features I enjoy the most is the built in microphone-headphone adapter. It's extremely helpful for cable management and helps me keep my desk clean, because there's not as many wires running behind my PC. If you were to use these with a laptop, this would save you an invaluable USB 3.0 port.

And now we get to the most awesome part of these speakers. On the top one, there is a notch, and on the other, a perfectly shaped piece of plastic to slide into the notch. This enables you to flip both speakers on their side, slide them together, and form a backlit soundbar. This is an incredibly useful feature that allows you to customize your setup to be the most space efficient.

Overall, the Redragon GS550 Orpheus speakers are a perfect budget option for any setup. They have good sound quality, red backlighting, a useful microphone/headphone adapter, and a silky smooth backlit volume knob. Furthermore, they are modular and can be either separate speakers or a soundbar. All of these features make them a great option for any setup.


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