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Testing the Limits of Vision: 360hz ROG Monitor

Asus has recently announced that they will soon be releasing the ROG PG259QN Monitor. This will be a 24.5" 1080p 1ms IPS Gsync monitor. But the big kicker is the... wait for it... 360hz panel. Yes, you read that correctly.

The first question you might be asking is, "what is the point?" Most people have a hard time telling the difference between 144hz and 240hz, so how will they possibly be able to see 360hz?

There will be very little people who can tell the difference. I imagine the only people who would get this monitor and semipro or professional players, as this display is a rather wimpy 24.5". It would probably compete with the Samsung G9, which is extremely hard. The G9 has a 49" 1440p screen, with a 240hz refresh rate.

Overall, eSports players will just have to see if they can tell the difference between 240hz and 360hz, because the PG259QN is crushed in all other regards. It's hard for people to downsize in resolution and size.

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