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Tech News Ep. 3

Welcome back to another episode of Tech news. As we haven't done one of these in a while, we all need to get caught up again. We will be covering news from the past couple of weeks too. I also refreshed the tech news logo as my photoshop skills have improved. Tell us how it looks on the feedback survey.

The absolutely huge 3090, with a huge heatsink and fan in front, and an hourglass design. This card requires NVIDIA's new 12 pin power connector.

RTX 3000 Series Coming Soon

On NVIDIA's twitter, they posted a post saying, "21 years 21 days" a while ago, showing that they would announce something on August 31st. This means the 3000 series cards should come soon! Also a while ago, they cut off production of the hyper-popular 2000 series cards. The 3090, the flagship biggest card, is 310mm long, takes up 3 whole slots, uses NVIDIA's 12 pin power connector, and has a MASSIVE heatsink and fan, with a slick-looking hourglass design.

Corsair Going Public

Corsair, the popular gaming peripheral/component company is going public soon. They are going public under the name Corsair Gaming. They are filing for a 100 million dollars initial public offering. In the US, corsair claims it has 18% market share in peripherals, and 42% of gaming pc components. It also claims that it pulled a billion dollars in revenue. The profit was failing in the past few years, but due to Covid-19, its profit has performed incredibly, with double-digit growth from January to June alone! It's your decision if you want to invest, but we think we will!

TikTok CEO Resigns

The CEO of popular social media app, TikTok, resigned recently, amid controversy with the United States wanting to ban it due to privacy issues. The US is saying that if TikTok is not bought by a US-owned company, it will be banned in the United States. This is not great news for TikTok users, as they will have to migrate to a new platform if they are not bought.

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