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Setup Tech #3: Minimalist

The focus of today's setup tech is to help give your setup some minimalist vibes. Clean modern desk setups are growing popular because of their elegant practicality. We've compiled some items that can help make your desk more modern and stylish, cost-effectively. To learn more about the "minimalist" desk setup, check out our article!

Many setups in the minimalist style have wooden desks. These can be true hardwood or plywood and veneer, but either way they are pretty expensive. The last thing you'd want to do is to have a pen mark on it or dent it with your stapler. This is why we recommend a desk pad, specifically this one from Aothia. It's an easy $14, comes in seven colors (we recommend brown or black), and is made of vegan leather. It also serves as an aesthetic anchoring point in your desk.

"But isn't vegan leather bad? I want real genuine leather!" That's true, vegan leather isn't quite as long-lasting a material, but leather is not only expensive, but also very bad for the environment. The texture of the deskpad is very close to real leather, and still feels premium.

To help balance out monitors, the stands usually have long legs or big circles. This takes up a lot of space on your desk that could have been used for something else. This is why you can get a monitor arm. As you can see above, the empty space below your monitor gives it a much more open feel, and was used for a charging station, gaming mouse, and Mac Mini - it adds functionality too!

This isn't strictly "tech", but I really wanted to recommend this water bottle. It looks great, fitting in with the clean modern aesthetic perfectly. It is also an all-around solid water bottle for $15. I wouldn't recommend it for exercise/bike rides as it is made of glass, but it is great for water while you're on online classes/at work. The water bottle is dishwasher safe, and there is a silicone (borosilicate) sleeve on the water bottle to get extra grip. I use this every day!

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