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Razer Ornata V2: Now Better Than Membrane

One of the most controversial keyboards ever, the Razer Ornata, has gotten an update, and it's pretty good! To give you some background, the first Ornata was introduced as a "mecha-membrane" keyboard: a keyboard whose switches had the crispness of a mechanical switch and the soft bottom-out of a membrane keyboard. However, the end result was much more like a membrane keyboard. However, in the Ornata V2, pictured below, the whole keyboard has undergone subtle but important changes that, I think, make it a much more viable option.

First, the obvious part: the switches. After much tweaking in Razer's labs, the switches are much more tactile than they were previously. This is by far the biggest change in the keyboard. The mechanical switch they were supposed to emulate was a clicky switch, and the result has a nice pleasant sound. However, many don't like clicky switches (myself included) because the noise is so loud it annoys your housemates, and also just plain annoys you. There is unfortunately no linear or tactile mecha-membrane options yet. They feel a lot mroe

With their recent keyboards, people have praised Razer for having them look a little more subtle. No more massive green Razer logos, just an embossed logo on the wrist rest. The RGB is clear and nicely distributed because of the membrane, and the pillowy wrist rest is very comfortable. There are also some convenient cable channels that allow for the cable to come out through the middle or on the right or left side.

The last change is the multimedia keys. Razer moved the indicator lights to right above the arrows, removed the "Razer" entirely, and put multimedia keys above the number pad. There are previous, next, and pause, and an infinite volume roller.

Unfortunately, this keyboard is entirely made out of plastic, which is really too bad as we see many other companies such as Logitech and Corsair putting aluminum in each of their models. However, this keyboard is overall a very nice option, if you like the switches. It's super comfortable with the wrist rest, I love the multimedia keys, and the RGB is great as always (I mean, it's Razer).

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