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Razer Mamba Wireless: Cheap Wireless Performance

When you think of nice wireless mice, you usually think of big-name Logitech mice like the G900 and the G Pro Wireless. However, today we're looking at a Razer mouse that brings great performance at $55.

This mouse has many amazing features that leave me wondering: how is this at such a low price? It all starts with the sensor, a key feature of any wireless mice as many are thought of as unreliable. The Mamba Wireless has a rock-solid 16000 DPI optical sensor, omron switches, and a multitude of buttons. Since it's Razer, it also has RGB in the logo and on both sides of a scroll wheel. The scroll wheel also has bumps on top to increase your control.

Something I also enjoyed about the Mamba Wireless is the rubber side grips. It doesn't make your fingers too sweaty, since there are incisions down the sides that allow breathability, but still give me lots of control. Overall, the feels of this mouse are really great, with Razer's renowned ergonomics given an opportunity to shine. Of course, I'm partial to ergonomic mice, but this mouse felt great to me. The shape is similar to the Deathadder, but with a more flattened hump.

This mouse certainly does not get hindered by the fact it's wireless. It has a 50-hour battery life, charged with USB Micro-B, and again has an advanced sensor. I love a good wireless mouse because they help so much with cable management, and you never have to worry about getting your cable caught, having it be too long, or have it be too short.

Although the Mamba wireless is great, it isn't perfect. First of all, Razer screwed us over a little with the charging cable. Not only is it the slow-charging type Micro-B, but the are to put the cable into the port is so small, almost no normal cables can fit it, only Razer's thin head can fit in. Although you could fit a normal Micro-B cable in, you'd have to file down the plastic on the sides. And the last part of this mouse that I don't really like: it's weight. The Mamba Wireless, unlike the similarly weighted G903, is a quite basic mouse. It has the normal seven buttons, a decent sensor, and that's it. However, it is a chunky 106 grams.

Overall, I really like this mouse - it's like a wireless version of the Logitech G203. Not too expensive, with great ergonomics, and everything most people need. It's the people's wireless gaming mouse.

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