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Razer Deathadder: Why is it so popular?

One of the best-selling gaming mice of all time is the Razer Deathadder. Why is this? Today we're going to be looking at the certain elements of the Deathadder that makes it so popular.


Many of the people who buy the deathadder are beginner or mid-level players. When you aren't too into gaming, you look at the brand. When you ask someone what is the best gaming brand, they'll probably include Razer among a few other high flyers, like Logitech, HyperX, or Steelseries. This gives the Deathadder a considerable advantage over other similar mice. It's just like how Apple can charge more than competitors because buyers know all Apple products are high-quality. Brand gives the Deathadder an extreme advantage because, as you will see in the next section, the Deathadder's features aren't too extraordinary.


The Deathadder does not include a ridiculous amount of features or buttons, but it includes everything you really need. Two well-placed, responsive thumb buttons are nice for any game and the DPI buttons on top are also useful. All of these are completely reprogrammable with the Razer Synapse software. The Deathadder Elite also uses a superb 5G 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor, which will provide you with outstanding accuracy as well as the highest DPI you will ever need. Additionally, the smooth yet accurate scroll wheel and the rubber side grips are a nice touch.


One of the biggest selling points of the Razer Deathadder is the shape. I used a Deathadder, and I can safely say it has amazing ergonomics. The hump in the back fit perfectly into my palm, lifting my hand above the mousemat to reduce drag and resting my wrist. My hands have long fingers and a thinner palm, but many of my friends who've used it also love the shape even though they have different sizes and shapes of hand. These ergonomics allow the Deathadder to appeal to a wide range of people; beginners are interested because it's not too expensive, and pros keep it because it has the best ergonomics, something that you can't necessarily buy with more money. Overall, Razer has done a skillful job in crafting superior ergonomics in the Deathadder, which is the driving force behind its popularity.


Is a mouse really a gaming mouse if it doesn't have cool colors and sleek design? Razer apparently thought not, and concocted a simple, yet awesome design. The matte black coating paired with the RGB zones in the Razer logo and scroll wheel create an aura of "gamer". Aesthetically, this is an extremely chic mouse that would be respectable in any game setting.


Not everyone is invested in gaming enough to drop $100+ on a mouse (cough, cough, Logitech G Pro Wireless, cough). However, at $30, the Razer Deathadder Elite appeals to all kinds of gamers because the monetary investment isn't massive. With high-level features such as the 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor, this is value too good to pass up for many gamers.

Different Versions

Deathadder Elite (most popular): Matte black, 2 DPI and 2 Thumb buttons, 16k optical sensor, 50 million click switches - $30

Deathadder Essential: White, no DPI buttons (adjustable in Razer Synapse), 6400 DPI optical sensor, 10 million click switches - $30

Deathadder v2: Matte Black, 2 DPI and 2 Thumb buttons, Focus+ 20K optical sensor, optical switches.

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