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NVidia Criticized after Disastrous Launch Day

Have you ever been annoyed at having to pass a CAPTCHA to access a webpage? I think almost everyone has. However, people are angry at NVidia at not including enough anti-bot software on their website after their entire 30 series stock sold out within 3 seconds. Although NVidia is still going restock in the near future, in the mean time every single card has been bought by "scalpers".

Scalpers are people who bought the 30 series right when it launched, and are now selling it for hugely inflated prices. If you go on eBay right now, you can buy an RTX 3080 for the low price of $1400, or double the original price. You might think, "well I would never buy something for double price!" Unfortunately, there are people who will. The PC community is angry right now because the scalpers and bots are making money, Nvidia didn't supply enough provisions for blocking bots, and most people now have to wait another few months while RTX 30 series cards are being restocked.

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