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No Way this is $30: Matrexx 30 Case

When you're a PC builder on a budget, you want good quality for small prices. This is what I was looking for when building a $480 PC for a client recently (more on that later). And there is absolutely no case that offers better value for $30 than the Matrexx 30.


A problem we often see with cheaper cases is either that they look ugly, or (more often) they sacrifice airflow for looks. This is definitely not the case for the Matrexx 30. They integrate a giant mesh side panel stylishly into the front of the case, with a futuristic "raindrops" design. There are also openings in the back of the case for the exhaust fan and the bottom for the PSU fan. This case is a Matx Mini-tower, so it unfortunately can only fit three fans.

Aesthetics and Build

This case is beautiful, featuring the epic front panel design as well as a full glass side panel. The glass side panel was definitely a pleasant surprise as most cheaper cases use an acrylic panel. The frame of the case is steel, while most of the accents and other parts are plastic.

Compared to more expensive cases like the Corsair Crystal, this case holds its own. It is very sturdy, not quite as heavy as more heavy cases, but Deepcool didn't skimp in any important areas. The drive bays, back frame, and all mounting points are solid steel.


This case is fairly standard to build in for an mATX. However, the biggest weakness I can see is that there is only space for three fans. This means that you can't run very powerful components in here, because not only can you not fit over three fans, this also means that there is no place to mount a radiator for an AIO. Although you'd probably buy a more expensive case for a water-cool build, this is still the biggest weakness. Other than that, this case is quite strong in all areas.

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