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My New Favorite iPad Case

Recently, I discovered my favorite iPad case. Although there are many different brands, usually connecting with Bluetooth, Lenrich has unequivocally differentiated themselves. Most of their cases are quite similar, just for different size iPads. They have some great features that are extremely helpful, and unlike other cases are durable and reliable.

The first great part about the cases are the flexibility. You can turn the iPad all the way around compared to the keyboard and bend all the way forward and backwards. This makes it possible to use the iPad as a screen with the keyboard visible. It also allows you to use the keyboard as a hook to hang the iPad on a string. Something convenient you can do is tying a wire or cord of some sort between two airplane or train seats, hang the iPad on it, and watch movies.

These cases are also just very reliable in general. The one we've tested has been running for months without a hitch, while many other iPad cases have terrible bluetooth connections and ill-fitting contours. This case fits right onto your iPad, has sturdy connection, and is easily rechargeable through micro-USB.

The one gripe I would have about this case is the typing experience. Although it's not like the terrible experience of Apple's butterfly keyboard, it's still not optimal. The reason is that Lenrich was forced to squeeze a ton of keys into a much smaller space. They used a laptop-style layout, but I would have preferred the 65% layout as it keeps the arrow keys, but takes out everything else. However, I like the backlighting for the keyboard as it helps you type in darker environments.

Overall, this case is very durable, reliable, and packs some extra features of its own. If you wanted a great iPad case that will satisfy you for a long time, consider an option from Lenrich.

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