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Minimalist Setups: An Overview

Sometimes you need a break from the "gamer" black and RGB color scheme. Honestly, it has been way overused, and when you see yet another setup covered in nanoleaf light panels and slathered with RGB strips, it becomes tasteless. This is why the "clean modern" aesthetic has turned many heads recently.

Credit: Grovemade

I don't like the Apple Keyboard and mouse (*vomits*). However, something I love about this setup is the combination of materials and not just colors, but also textures and patterns. The wavy, soothing walnut harmonizes with the warm black leather. The metallic elements from the notebook rings, the keyboard, and the laptop help to tie it together. And even though there are a lot of items in this picture, it looks like controlled chaos; like everything is organized despite filling up every corner of the picture.

The idea behind the "gamer" aesthetic and "clean modern" is the same: to create a setup that is functional and one that pleases the eye. They just have polar opposite ways of doing it.

A super RGB gaming setup

The gamer aesthetic draws your eye with flashing lights in every corner. Everything is surrounded by dancing, vibrant lights; the keyboard, mouse, walls, behind the desk, monitors, and PC. Even components in the PC are glowing. Obviously, aesthetics are based on preference, but this is quite tasteless. Your eyes are just getting assaulted by light in all directions, and when you get past the light, what you have is a white desk and a big monitor. Now let's take a look at the clean modern setup.

"Clean modern" setups often have smaller desks that serve the same utility level as the gamer setups. We can see this one is fairly simple, with a deskpad, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and single monitor. However, it's not really the amount of stuff you have the counts; with the clean modern setup, it's about how you blend it together and how it makes you feel. While the gamer setups wanted to nurture excitement, clean modern setups are more relaxing. You can see in the one above, the wall is a neutral shade of grey, while the desk protrudes naturally, with just a few essential peripherals.


"Clean modern" setups are relaxing, practical, minimal and beautiful. "Gamer" setups are exciting, flashy, and big. You can choose which one you like, there are benefits to both. That being said, there are also setups that combine the best of both worlds. For example in the setup above, there is a small array of light panels, something flashy usually seen in "gamer" setups. However, they used it in a minimalist way, adding a touch of style and substance above the desk. The purpose of this article was for you to learn about "clean modern" setups and how they compare to "gamer" setups. I hope you enjoyed!

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