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HyperX Ducky One 2 Mini: Small Things Matter

Recently, keyboard lovers have been hyped about a new keyboard: the HyperX and Ducky One 2 Mini. This seems like it would be a crossover between Ducky's One 2 Mini and HyperX's Alloy Pro TKL. However, this board leans much more towards the One 2 Mini. There are only a few changes - let's go over them.

The Year of the Pig spacebar is not pictured here

Ducky is rather famous for including free accent keycaps, which are in a random color. However, the accent keycaps included with the HyperX One 2 Mini are all red, as it is HyperX's main color, and the escape key has the HyperX logo on it. Fortunately, Ducky's beautiful, almost artisan, year of the Pig spacebar is still there. The whole theme of the keyboard is also red, with a black and keycaps. Personally, I think the red bottom looks plastic and rather cheap, and I would have preferred if HyperX had made the bottom a textured red instead of a glossy, obviously plastic red. A great mod that the YouTuber TaeKeyboards made was spraypainting the black midpiece silver to make the keyboard more elegant, rather than the plastic black and red gamer look. However, I do applaud HyperX and Ducky for choosing ANYTHING other than solid black or white for a prebuilt keyboard. The PBT keycaps are also great as usual, although the side-printed legends are a matter of preference.

Ducky and HyperX went all out in terms of RGB, adding customizable (but software-less) RGB effects. There are not one, but three zones of RGB in the spacebar, so it won't even look weird if you have pudding keycaps. Additionally, instead of the normal RGB in the PCB, this PCB was custom-made, and instead there are lights that have prongs sticking through the switch to touch the PCB. Putting the light right under the keycap makes the light significantly brighter. The flip side of this is, it requires the board to be soldered and thereby much more difficult to take apart.

One of the biggest differences from the normal One 2 Mini is the switches. Although the normal One 2 Mini comes with your choice of Cherry or Gateron Switches, the HyperX One 2 Mini comes with HyperX linear switches. However, in my opinion, and in those of many others, it's hard to distinguish between the HyperX linear switches and Gateron linear switches.

Overall, I love this keyboard, especially if you customize the colors your way. Although I would not get this keyboard if you already have a normal One 2 Mini, this keyboard is a great upgrade from any old Redragon Keyboard. Unfortunately, they sold out so fast that it will probably be a while until you can buy one - the only way to get them right now is to get them for twice the normal price on the aftermarket.

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