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Get More Out of a Desk Lamp

Ah, the humble desk lamp. As a staple of homes for hundreds of years, it has seen a lot of evolution, from the candle to the lightbulb to the LED. Today, we're looking at some really epic features that desk lamps today can come with and one we really like.

An example of a lamp with a display and charging.


Many lamps these days come with a display, a feature that can be incredibly useful. Usually, there is a clock, but displays on a lamp can also include temperature, timers, and more. Something that can be very useful is setting timers on your lamp, because it is all too easy to get carried away with what you're doing on your computer, and timers can remind you to take something out of the oven, get a stretch break, etc.


There are two types of charging that desk lamps can come with: USB and wireless ("qi"). I would stray away from USB charging, as more and more modern phones and tablets are now being charged with a USB-C cable. However, Qi charging can be very useful, as almost all upper-end phones, be them Android or iOS phones, can charge wirelessly. Even if you don't have a fancy-pants phone, this can still be useful because many wireless mice and headsets now also charge wirelessly, as well as Airpods.

Light Modes

A super handy feature for desk lamps is also adjustable brightness, hardness, or even color. These can be useful for different situations, and are even preset on some lamps. For example, a cold and bright "study" setting, a medium-bright "reading" setting, a warm "relax" setting, and a very dim "night light" setting. For evenings writing or gaming, I love a warm light that won't keep me awake after I get into bed. For intense study sessions, a cold light jerks my brain into focus. Some lights even can change colors to become mood lights (or just for your r/pcmasterrace photo shoot).

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