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Everest: The Modular Keyboard

Specs/summary at bottom

When you pick out a keyboard, you have to think what are your most likely use cases. Do you want lots of multimedia keys? Do you want a numpad? Is a wrist rest worth it? What games do you use your keyboard for? One of the most annoying things for a keyboard buyer is when your use case changes. For example, you got a bigger desk and you really could have accommodated, and used, a numpad. Or maybe you switched from Mac to Windows and now it's worth it to pay up a little for multimedia keys. Or maybe, it can go the other way: You have so much stuff on your desk, you really wished you had a TKL. Well, the Everest Keyboard solves all of these problems.

The idea for it is fairly simple: You can take off or plug in any of the "extra features" on your keyboard: numpad, multimedia keys, and wrist rest. You can also reposition the media dock and numpad to the right or left. Although this idea seems rather drab, the possibilities are endless. Along with making the keyboard 10x more portable, having these capabilities makes the keyboard perfect for any use case. Are you traveling, but still want to type well? Strip all features off and carry it as a bare TKL keyboard. Need to work quickly with multiple programs at the office? Slap on the magnetic multimedia dock. Need to do calculations quickly at work but want to save space at home? Just take the magnetic numpad on or off. Any time you can think of where you need to type, the Everest keyboard can be useful to you. And although it comes with a hefty $250 price tag, it's quite possible, dare I say probable, that you'll end up saving money by never having to buy other keyboards because you needed a better or different style keyboard.

Lastly, the arsenal of features. The Everest's top-notch media dock has an LED circle where you can control a slew of different functions (much like Apple's laptop touchbar). The numpad also has four programmable buttons to get to your favorite apps. The adjustable feet of the keyboard are risen by magnetic metal discs. You can put in as many as you want to get the optimum height. The usb-c cable is detachable and can be routed onto your desk through multiple paths. The palm rest is fully detachable, and the switches are hot-swappable. Each key is individually RGB backlit.

To summarize, the Everest modular keyboard is one of the most exciting we've seen in a while. The full customization as well as superlative features make this keyboard a great choice if you're going for the best possible keyboard. Although we do not know all the fine details, as this keyboard will not be released until August 2020, this is definitely a future product that has us hyped.

Key Specs:

Connection: Detachable USB-C Wired

Hot-swappable switches

Keycaps: ABS double-shot

Backlighting: RBG Individually backlit

Rollover: n-key

Layout: modular

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