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Corsair Glaive Review

Today I will be reviewing the Corsair Glaive RGB, the mouse that I use at my setup. This mouse is about 45 USD on Amazon and has many useful features. Some of the features are two side buttons, a 16k DPI optical sensor, 50 million rated custom Omron switches, and 3 removable thumb grips. It is also compatible with Corsair's very intuitive iCUE software, which can not only customize the 3 fully addressable RGB zones but can also rebind keys and change DPI settings.

^Yes, that is my mouse, on my Utech smart RGB mousepad (check out our favorites page to buy one!)

The three thumb grips it comes with is the standard mouse grip, the slightly outward sloped grip, and the full thumb cradle grip (shown in the picture). The buttons can be customized to be sniper buttons, macros, or other buttons. This mouse is very comfortable and cradles your hand very nicely. I normally use the big thumb grip, actually, so I can squeeze my thumb against the bottom grip, and my Pinky and 4th finger against the side to still have control while spamming/claw clicking. The DPI steps with one, but there are some presets that you can use to control the 5 different settings. The DPI lights are also customizable

Overall, I think this is a very good mouse for a good price and is very versatile and useful.

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