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Cool Setup Tech #2

Hey guys, I'm finally posting again. Follow me into another great episode of COOL SETUP TECH!!!

This monitor shelf is great for people who have budget monitors that are not adjustable. Many people's monitors are not high enough to be at a good angle for your eyes, so this monitor riser is very useful. It raises your monitor up by 4 inches, and it works for monitors, laptops, heck, even keyboards if you want a budget standing desk! You can also store stuff under it, like cables, chargers, pens & paper, and much more. and for the great price of $14 USD, it is sure to be a great deal on a budget. A neat trick is to store your keyboard under the riser while you're using a pen and paper.

If you're looking to replace some busted lightbulbs, look no further than Govee. For $16, you're getting four lightbulbs that all have a cool and warm white setting, as well as multiple different colors you can cycle through. They are grouped in pairs, each of which is controlled by remote control. Although they are not the brightest (don't use them for whole-room lighting), they are great for lamps as they can be warm or cold and many different colors.

This mesh lumbar support cushion is great for if you spend multiple hours sitting in your chair. It makes your back much more comfortable, and for $24 for a two-pack, turn any chair into an ergonomic chair. The mesh cuts into the small of your back, forcing you to sit up straight. Overall, these are a great purchase, especially with social distancing, and will make your work/school hours much more enjoyable.

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