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Cool Setup Tech #1

As everyone starts school at home, it is even more important than ever to have an effective, productive desk setup. Although many people say "I don't work well at desks", at least having a dedicated place to get things done is key for productivity and optimizing ergonomics. So without further ado, here is episode 1 of Cool Setup Tech.

The ippinkan light bar, with different temperatures of white

When you're at your desk, you're not just using the computer. Even while working at home most schools and workplaces encourage the use of some paper materials. This makes the lack of a quality light at your desk very annoying. A monitor light bar is a stylish, effective, space-efficient solution to lighting up your desk. The light bar we chose brings great value at $38 and has a variety of options, controllable with buttons on top of it. There are ten brightness levels and three warmth levels, which can be adjusted to meet many situations. Monitor light bars also do not cause glare on your screen, which is great.

Hopefully, while reading this blog, you've been introduced to mechanical keyboards. Perhaps you've even bought one (if so, congratulations). However, you've probably noticed that compared to common scissor keyboards like Apple's Magic Keyboard, mechanical keyboards are very tall. Most people have to lift up their wrists to type comfortably, which is extremely unhealthy for your wrists and hands. So unless you have a low-profile mechanical keyboard, we suggest you get the MasterAccessory wrist rest, by Cooler Master. This is an affordable wrist rest made of firm foam. It comes in TKL or full size. You might be wondering, "But I need a wrist rest to match my 75% (or smaller) keyboard!". However, the shoulders of most adults and teens are wider than a 75% keyboard, so you want your wrist rest to be at least TKL size so your wrists can come in at a comfortable angle.

For $20, this clock packs some serious punch. It's a fairly stylish clock that has temperature, time, and can set timers and alarms. It has touch controls and "invisible numbers", where the clock looks like metal when it is off. It's powered by USB, so you can get it set up easily. Lastly, it has qi charging, so you can effortlessly charge a newer-gen phone, some headphones/earpods (airpods, Cloud Flight S, etc), or some gaming mice.

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