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Best Value 1440p 144hz Monitor- AOC CQ27G1

As we move into an age of incredibly powerful graphics cards available to the average consumer, 1440p 144hz has become an increasingly popular style of monitor. And today we're bringing you one that is a palatable $250 and brings you a large 27" screen, 1440p 144hz, curved 1800r VA panel, and a sublime 1ms response time. This is the AOC CQ27G1.

The list of specs we just listed is absolutely insane for any monitor, let alone a $250 one. Not only do you get the 1440p 144hz combo, which gives you tremendous visuals but doesn't slow down your frame rates too much, but you also have the VA panel/1ms response time combo. Historically, the problem with VA panels for gaming is that although they have very high color accuracy, they usually have slow response times. However, now, in a relatively budget monitor, you are getting color accuracy, response time, and refresh rate.

This panel of this monitor is also 1800R curved, which helps reduce strain on your eye. Although the monitor is too small to notice a big difference, it is a nice feature, which over time can reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

The AOC CQ27G1 also comes with many useful features. It can connect via displayport, HDMI, or VGA. This is useful because oftentimes, you have multiple monitors with only, say, HDMI ports and your graphics card only has one HDMI slot. This monitor also is VESA-compatible, so you can mount it on a monitor arm.

Overall, this is a very well-priced monitor. This is just a post where I wanted to alert you guys to a great product. It hits all the checkboxes at $250; 1440p, 144hz, VA panel, 1ms response time, and more. I hope you guys enjoyed!

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