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Best Budget Wireless Gaming Setup 2020

We all know the advantages of wired: less expensive, more reliable, more lightweight... the list goes on. However, wireless is becoming increasingly popular because of its clean looks, portability, and hassle-free use. Additionally, there is now no latency gap between high-end wireless devices and any level of wired device.


Price Guidelines

Mouse price: $70

Keyboard price: $130

Headset price: $100

Since we know that PCs are expensive, all our wireless gear is also compatible with Xbox so that Xbox players can enjoy PC-level control.


For our mouse, we're splitting it between ergonomic and ambidextrous users.


For ergonomic, we gotta hand it to the Logitech G603. Powered by a single AA battery and weighing a manageable 112, this is a ridiculously good mouse at $70. Although it has no RGB, true gamers don't need RGB to be good anyway, and the stunningly sleek aesthetic more than makes up for it. The body of the mouse just feels perfect in the hand, and the HERO 12K sensor also packs a 1ms response time and 12000 DPI. Lastly, this mouse can switch between dongle and bluetooth mode with a button on the bottom of the mouse, meaning you can use the mouse for multiple devices at once (for example, a PC and an XBox).


As for an ambidextrous mouse that performs great for $70, we're going with the Razer Lancehead wireless. This excellent mouse comes with a 16000 DPI, 5G sensor, as well as 50-million click omron switches. Of course, since it's Razer, there is also RGB on the sides of the mouse as well as in the scroll wheel and the logo. Overall, a super solid wireless mouse.


For our keyboard, we've chosen the Drevo Blademaster Pro. Equipped with many features as well as a ton of RGB lighting, this keyboard is an excellent option for many gamers. Although the switches are scratchy Cherry switches, distasteful for keyboard enthusiasts, this keyboard, in our opinion, is still a great option. There is also a "genius knob" that can control volume, lighting effects, and more.


For our headset, we've chosen the Razer Nari Essential. As well as looking stealthy, this headset packs a lot for $75. The earcups are very plush and block out a lot of sound, although they can be stuffy at times since they are a leatherette material. Additionally, if you flip the microphone up, it automatically mutes you. The sound quality is also 7.1 surround sound rated and THX-certified, which makes it a very high-quality headset as well. Overall, for $75, you can't get much better than this.

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