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Wearable Tech: An Overview

Some people have been wondering what wearable tech is, and how it could be useful to you. Me, being a proud wearable tech owner, will try and give an overview of wearable tech in this article. Be on the lookout for more articles on this topic, as I will be reviewing certain brands later on in this series.

^Focals, by North

What is wearable tech?

Wearable tech is any type of electronic device that you wear, such as a smartwatch, smart glasses, and wearable earbuds or headphones.

What can wearable tech do for you?

Wearable tech can do many things for you. Some smartwatches can track your steps, heart rate, track your exercise and sports, and even your sleep statistics. Others, like the apple watch, can take phone calls, play games, and can even pay for things with apple pay. Some smart glasses, like Focals, although expensive, project the "screen" on to your retinas, so no one else can see what you are looking at.

Who makes wearable tech?

There are a few leading brands that make wearable technology. In the US and Europe, the leading brands are Samsung, with their Gear series watches, Apple, with their AirPods and Apple Watches, Garmin with their Vivosport and Fenix watches, and Fitbit with their Charge and Alta series watches. In Asia, the leading brands are Xiaomi, with their MiBand watch series, and Huawei with their Huawei watch gt series.

This is my quick overview of wearable tech. I hope it offers you some insight into what wearable tech is, and why you need it.

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