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Razer Makes Office Gear?

Razer is known for aggressive, over-the-top gamer gear. That's why we were quite surprised when we learned they're teaming up with Humanscale, an ergonomics company, to produce a line of office gear. They have three options so far: the Pro Click, the Pro Type, and the Pro Glide.

Pro Click

The Pro Click is an ergonomic office mouse. It has a shape between the Razer Basilisk and the Logitech MX Master 3. Speaking of the MX Master 3, Razer has decided to go straight for Logitech by pricing their Pro Click at $100, the same price as the MX Master 3. Why? I have no idea. Although the shape is good, the MX Master's shape is also amazing, so it can't win there. The Pro Click is also lacking the side scroll and multi-mode scroll wheel that made the MX Master 3 so appealing to video editors.

The Pro Click is a wireless/wired mouse and can connect and toggle between three devices through Bluetooth. The shape is simple and clean. This is a mouse that I would be happy to have on my desk, but I would be happier with the MX Master 3. Sorry Razer.

Pro Type

This is a solid choice for any office worker. Razer got flamed with their last "office keyboard" because it had no numpad and many office workers use the numpad. However, instead of making the keyboard full-size, I would have liked to see Razer offer an accompanying numpad. Also, since Humanscale is an ergonomics company, I'm a bit surprised that the keyboard isn't ergonomic or split.

The switches are Razer Orange, a light, slightly tactile keyswitch. These are similar to Cherry MX Browns. Although I personally do not care for MX Browns (because they have very little tactility), I know that MX Browns are pretty popular as a typing switch. This makes Razer's choice a crowd-pleaser in most regards.

The build of the keyboard is quite good. It has an aluminum plate on top, as well as PBT keycaps. I would definitely hope for good quality, as this keyboard is $140. Like the Pro Click, it is wired/wireless and can toggle between three devices with Bluetooth.

One thing that Razer could have done better is put in dedicated multimedia keys. In their Cynosa V2, they moved the indicator lights to above the arrows, and then put multimedia keys in the top right corner. For long days in the office, multimedia keys to adjust the volume of Zoom calls, their music, etc. would be much appreciated.

Pro Glide

You might be wondering, "Why didn't you put in a picture of the Pro Glide Mousepad? I need to see why it has ergonomic benefits!" Well, that's because the Pro Glide Mousepad is incredibly... average. It's just a white mousepad, and doesn't even advertise "speed and control" because it's not a gaming mousepad.

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