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Monitors Guide V2

Welcome back to another guide, today we will be talking about monitors again.

Monitors are important. They can show things like this. VVV

very...... stunning? - the new york times

Refresh rate:

This is the rate that the monitor can refresh its screen, so basically the fps the monitor can show. Most budget monitors have only 60hz, which means they can only display 60fps, even if your computer can show more. the next few steps (75hz, 120hz) are pretty normal, but 144hz is the important one. 144hz is what most pro gamers use, just so their inputs are registered a little faster. 165hz exists, but not many people use it. 240hz is the most important refresh rate for professional gamers and esports players because it allows them to see the game in 240fps. 300hz is achievable, but not many people have it yet. there is a laptop that has 300hz, but it has not been released in a mainstream monitor yet.

Response time:

Similar to refresh rate, response time is the time a monitor takes to respond to inputs and new changes on screen. most monitors are 5+ ms response time, but good gaming monitors can get 3ms, 1ms, and even 0.5 ms response times. Response time is a good thing to look for in a monitor if you want great performance.

Aspect Ratio:

The aspect ratio is the ratio of width and height of the screen. Most normal monitors are 16 by 9 (16:9), but some ultrawides have 21:9 and even 32:9. Screens used to have a 4:3 aspect ratio, but now that is obsolete. Aspect ratio, unlike response time and refresh rate, is probably staying the same, unless we get a PC IMAX gaming setup.

Screen size:

screen size is also pretty important. I mean, who wants to be playing on a tiny 13-inch screen? Screen sizes can range from 21.5 to 49 inches diagonally, but the 49-inch monitors are all ultrawides, otherwise, you would basically be playing on a TV. Screen sizes won't get much bigger, otherwise, monitors won't fit on your desk.


This is an important one. You wouldn't want to be watching youtube or editing videos in 480p. This is why most basic monitors are in at least 1080p (full HD, FHD), or some old ones are still in 720p (HD). Fancy monitors come in 1440p (Quad HD, QHD), or even 4K (2160p, Ultra HD, UHD). 8K TVs have already been released, so 8K monitors are sure to follow. 8K is 7680x4320. Even 16K is is on the horizon with a crazy resolution of 15360x8640.

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