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E-3lue Gaming Mouse

While it's true that not everyone plays video games, that doesn't mean that you can't put a gaming mouse to use. Most people start out with low tier mice like the Apple Magic Mouse (Apple) or the Surface Modern Mobile mouse (Microsoft). These usually look alluring and "professional", but in reality, there's a lot of room for improvement. The E-3lue gaming mouse may not be top tier, but at a relatively low price, it'll provide users with a great experience especially for being wireless.

My general overall thoughts:

  • - It's great for a person that uses their computer a lot, but not necessarily for gaming

  • - It has that nice ergonomic design that prevents joint pain and fatigue (unless you click to fast or force those conditions upon yourself)

  • - Its simplistic style is good for any setting (work, or gaming)

  • -The scroll wheel stops at very small intervals which makes it a lot easier to move around, combined with its 1/2 centimeter grooves that run all around the wheel

  • -Its left and right-click go down and up very fast which gives it the capability to offer up more than 15 cps (I can't really click faster than that)

  • -There is a very distinguishable sound that emanates from the mouse when you click it which results in a very steady and controllable product

  • - It has two hotkeys (side buttons) that you can use when gaming, or as an extra random button

  • - It has 4 different levels of DPI which will almost always suite your style (overall mouse sensitivity can further be adjusted in settings/system preferences)

  • - It offers a nice thumb-rest that prevents your thumb from rubbing against your desk or mousemat

  • - It is wireless, but you will still need to attach a Bluetooth receiver hub to your computer which may involve buying a lightning to usb adapter

  • It's fairly light, yet still has a good balance

  • It slides well on whatever mousepad you're using

  • As it is a wireless mouse, it does need batteries, however I've only had to replace the batteries twice in my E-3lue mouse twice throughout the 3+ years that I've had it

  • It also has blue lights that you can turn off and on depending on what you want (turning the lights on will definitely drain the battery faster, however)


  • Upgraded Design with LED illuminated rubberized Scroll Wheel

  • Ergonomically designed for Right-handed Gamers utilizing 'Air wing' Concept

  • Adjustable DPI (Dots Per Inch) switch 500 / 1200 / 1800 / 2500

  • Avago 5090 High-performance Optical Gaming Chipset

  • 2.4G Wireless Transmission Technology (Stable signal in 30 ft. radius)

  • High 3000 Frame/second Rate for extremely precise Tracking Level

  • Maximum Acceleration 20G / Anti-delay Polling Rate 250Hz

  • OMRON Micro Switch provides Lifespan of up to 5 Million Button Clicks

  • Upgraded Design with LED illuminated rubberized Scroll Wheel

Overall, I think that the E-3lue mouse is a great option, especially for people that aren't too serious about video games, but still play them enough to need a decent mouse. You can transport it around easily in a small plastic box that comes with the mouse and on top of that, it's fairly durable. As long as you aren't a professional gamer (or a really big sweat), you should find that the E-3lue mouse suits you very well. I like it a lot and haven't really had any bad experiences with it. Try it out!

Bonus: the click sounds are very satisfying (like "A S M R" satisfying)

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