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Corsair K68 RGB Review

Today I will be reviewing my keyboard, the Corsair K68 RGB. This is a very sleek looking keyboard with a plethora of features. The first feature is the keyswitches. This keyboard uses Cherry MX Red switches, with n-key rollover, and full anti-ghosting keys. Unlike most of the keyboards we review on this channel, this is a full-size keyboard with a ten-key pad. It also has full multimedia keys and an RGB brightness and Windows Key lock key. There are 3 status lights for Numlock, Capslock, and Scroll-Lock. This keyboard has a removable plastic wrist rest, with a nice textured grip. This keyboard is also IP-32 dust and water resistance. It achieves this rating by using a silicone covering over the switches but under the keycaps. This keyboard is drip-resistant, but it is not recommended to submerge it in water.

After taking this picture, I realized how dusty my keyboard is. Blegh!

Cherry MX Reds with the Corsair silicone covering ^

My Opinions

I think this is a very nice keyboard. Its Cherry Red switches are much quieter than a Cherry MX Blue switch, and the silicone dampens the sound even more without ruining the feeling. The RGB is quite bright and uses Corsair's iCUE software to link it to all of your other components. The ten-key pad is surprisingly useful for finance-type things, programming, or anything that needs punching in numbers. The keyboard is pretty heavy but is not super bulky. Unfortunately, there are no macro keys like the K95, though. This keyboard even has a strong feeling cable too, which is super sturdy, although it is not detachable. I especially enjoy the textured spacebar, which prevents my finger from slipping in epic gaming situations. This keyboard is $100 on Amazon, a relatively tame price compared to some of the other keyboards on the market.

Overall, this is a strong build keyboard with a sleek look and many features. The water-resistant rubber coating is great for spill protection and dust, the keyswitches are very nice sounding, and although many people hate it, I quite like the keycap font.

Here is a link to buy this keyboard from amazon:

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