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Corsair 4000D Airflow: Stylish, Affordable Case

Right now, it seems that there are only three choices for a PC case: go with a no-name $50 case (that might include a few extremely loud RGB fans), go with a very basic $60, or go with a $150+ case from Corsair or NZXT. However, I think that can all be changed with the Corsair 4000D, an $80 mATX case that hits all the checkboxes.


This case is called "airflow" for a reason. The entire front panel is more or less open, with a mesh screen to allow a lot of intake. This is a feature that I think every company should put in at least some of their cases. The design honestly looks good, so there is really no downside to letting in extra air.

Another thing I love about this case is that it has USB-C. Super fast connections can be a lifesaver when transferring files, and will be ever more useful in coming years. There is also a USB 3.0 port and audio port. I wish they had included more USB ports, because who doesn't need more USB ports?


One thing that caught my eye about this case is the specs you can put in it. Although it is an mATX case, it specs like an ATX. There are spaces for two SATA SSDs (or four, mounted sideways) and two hard drives. This is more storage space than most will ever need.

In terms of fans, the airflow lives up to its name. There is space for a massive 360mm radiator, or three 120mm fans, in the front, a 280mm radiator in the top, and another 120mm fan in the back. Corsair includes two (non-RGB) of their own quiet fans with the case.

If you want to flex that you got in on the original RTX 3080 stock, there is a vertical PCIe slot on the bottom of the case that can connect to your motherboard.

Some of Corsair's cases have a chamber behind the case, but we all know that it doesn't take an extra-large chamber to manage cable properly. The 4000D has an ample 25mm of space behind the motherboard, with a cable management channel and space for both SATA SSDs.


This is a well-priced case that allows a refreshingly large amount of airflow. It might not look quite as clean as the NZXT H510, but the airflow it provides is vastly superior to almost any case. It also has a lot of functionality, especially for an mATX case, but in a smaller form-factor than Corsair's dual chamber cases. If you are looking for an affordable, practical, high-airflow case, I would recommend the Corsair 4000D Airflow.

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